The Estate

“The prerequisite for good wines is good grapes”

Organic viticulture is viewed as a priority for producing genuine, authentic and balanced wines, that are natural, intense, complex and reflect the South of France. Work in the vineyard strikes a balance with nature in the heart of this outstanding ecosystem. These consummate wines are the ‘ambassadors’ of this beautiful area and show sense of place. A wine’s quality stems from the vineyard, from living soils and healthy vines which yield natural, sincere wines.

In the heart of this unspoilt setting, 3 separate clusters of buildings shape the farm:

Courtal Naout

Located at the entrance to the estate, Courtal (courtyard) and Naoult (high) is the largest building of the former wine estate. It houses the winery, storage cellar, oil mill, cellar door facilities, an agricultural park, gites and guest accommodation.

La Caune

A former barn for housing sheep, it is named after the natural cave (cave is referred to as ‘caune’ in Occitan) it is adjacent to. It is likely that the cave itself was the original home for the sheep. The subsequent barn was derelict when the estate was taken over. It has now been rebuilt and has provided shelter for sheep since 2012.

Les Bugadelles

In Occitan, ‘bugado’ means laundry. We like to think this building welcomed laundry women. Also derelict, the building has been restored and currently provides shelter for horses.


The crop is picked by hand, mostly in small crates. If coolness is required, machine harvesting may be used for the whites to pick the grapes by night, at 4 am, to bring them to the winery with optimum natural freshness.
The vines are pruned short, using the Cordon de Royat system, maximising photosynthesis through training.
Converting air, warmth and light into wood, leaves, fruit, taste, colour and smell is what photosynthesis is all about. Each fruit absorbs the characteristics of its environment, the harmonious setting from which it draws its intrinsic quality and unique expression.

Winery and barrel cellar

Hewn out of the rock itself, the winery is cutting edge, organised and computerised to avoid any oxidation of the crop and control temperatures impeccably during fermentation. Located near the vineyards and designed with quality in mind, our winery is geared to local constraints whilst at the same time abiding by essential rules for producing top quality wines: the good grapes are sorted and treated respectfully, gravity feed is used to avoid pumping and extraction is gentle.
The underground cellar is totally integrated into the landscape and also houses an area for barrel ageing and for storing bottled wines at the right temperature prior to shipment. The wines will be labelled as Cru La Clape in 2016.

Wine styles

Domaine Les Bugadelles’ signature style is top Mediterranean wines that are distinctive, refined, dense and fresh.
They are also extremely palatable. The whites contain very few sulphites, a feature which loyal customers appreciate because it ensures they keep a clear head after a meal. Countless accolades reward their merits every year.